Tow Mater
Gender: Male
Make: A 1951 International Harvest L-170 "boom" truck with elements of a mid-1950s Chevrolet. One-Ton Wrecker Tow Truck.
Color: Rust
Occupation: Towing and Salvage
Tow Truck
McQueen's Best Friend and Pit Crew Member
Voiced by: Larry the Cable Guy

Mater (a. k. a. Tow Mater) is a rusty tow truck who is best friends with Lightning McQueen.

Official BioEdit

Mater's a good ol' boy with a big heart, and he's the only tow truck in Radiator Springs. Mater runs Tow Mater Towing and Salvage and manages the local impound lot. Though a little rusty, he has the quickest towrope in Carburetor County and is always the first to lend a helping hand. Mater sees the bright side of any situation, and Radiator Springs wouldn't be the same without him. He doesn't have a mean bolt on his chassis.